Hey there, I'm Dimíter, a multidisciplinary visual designer & maker working remotely. Currently, I leverage my 15+ years of extremely diverse experience in crafting digital products and brands that owners and customers simply adore. My creations result from the intimate relationship between process, strategy, and play.


My experience path is more of a progressive roller coaster than just a straight line, and it helped me discover what I love and do best. I’ve had the luxury of working with tiny and global brands, small and large teams of different nationalities, and professions, which resulted in a better understanding of specific cultures and points of view. I’ve been an illustrator, graphic designer, front-end devеloper, creative studios co-owner, worked solo, been part of ambitious startups, creative teams leader, digital products maker, guest speaker, jury member, and more. Today I can contribute to almost all stages of the product design process and blend in tidy teams, happily sharing and upgrading my diverse knowledge throughout the journey.


Design direction

UI/UX design

Apps design
Web design

Design systems
Research & analysis
Dashboard design

Logo design
Brand identity
Custom iconography


I believe in ethical and honest design, created with growth in mind and intending to bring value to people. In my mind, exceptional design is simple but not sterile, original, but not self-serving. Each new project is also a unique learning opportunity for me. Since my time is a limited asset, I prefer to dive into subjects that matter — education, sustainability, innovation, science, awareness, etc. Respectively I don’t involve myself in topics such as smoking, alcohol, gambling, or anything related.

The ability to deliver only the best I’m capable of is vital to me, which is only possible with the right work/life balance. That is why besides working, you’ll often see me snowboarding, biking, or hiking, with family and friends, or alone. Audiobooks are another major inspiration that feeds my curiosity — the better music for my ears.

Mediocracy has never been my thing, and I harness iteration and experimentation to get ever closer to perfection and completeness. Still not sure if it’s a gift or a curse, but from a very young age, I’ve been imagining ways for improvement almost everywhere I look, a trait that has most probably led me to design in the first place.

A dear friend once said, “Each project we embark with takes a little piece of our beauty,” and since then, this beautiful yet straightforward thought has become an integral part of my philosophy.

Popular brands I've worked with

This is not a list of my clients, I've worked on projects related to the following brands either through my studio, as a freelancer, or through agencies that I've been collaborating with over the years.



Five logos designed by me were featured in the book "LogoLounge 9" by Bill Gardner. Dec, 2015 

Selected logos and identities were published in the book “Logo Talks II” by Artpower. Jul, 2013

Pulse cycles logo and identity featured in Behance.net – Graphic design curated gallery. Feb, 2017 

4Beats iOS app, one of our personal projects was featured in Behance.net – Interaction design curated gallery. May, 2015 

Metronome iOS app, with more than 4 million downloads in the App Store was featured in Behance.net – Interaction design curated gallery. Jan, 2014


Bachelor Degree, Exhibition space and wayfinding design, National Academy of Arts, Sofia, 1997—2002 
Subjects studied: Typography, Graphic design, Interior design, Poster design, History of arts, Computer graphics, Painting, Classic drawing, Philosophy, Classic photography

Secondary Education, Exhibition space design, Saint Lucas — School of Applied Arts, Sofia, 1992—1997 

Subjects studied: Graphic design, Poster design, Computer graphics, History of arts, Painting, Classic drawing, Philosophy, Sculpture


Sofia, Bulgaria
dp (at) dimitter.com

+359 899 877 177

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