4beats music creator app design (2021)

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4Beats app is a small start-up of ours. We started it with the intention to offer young enthusiasts a quick way to create their own songs that would sound like they were made by a professional. Music is not an easy subject, with a very steep learning curve, and we’re aware of how many youngsters quit because they’re not stubborn enough.

After the promising start of the initial version, hundreds of users, good reviews, etc., we had a gap. Both of us became parents and couldn’t take care of our digital child.

In 2020, following the beat of our hearts, we decided to give 4Beats another try. This time we were smarter and more capable, so the goal became even braver - to release the new version for both iOS and Android. Again, we were swamped for almost a year but finally released both versions to their respective stores.

We’re doing everything ourselves, so you can imagine how hard it is. Two guys are doing Research, Prototyping, UX/UI design, Development, Illustration, Social media posting, QA, Support. Yet we’re still alive.

We are curious to see how the turbulent 2022 will turn out for 4beats.

The project presentation is coming soon ...


My roles
—Creative direction
—App icon design
—UI/UX design
—User interviews
—Web design
—Custom icon set




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