Metronome iOS app redesign

The challenge: After the huge success of the previous version of the app (also designed by me), 16k Reviews, 4.6 Rating, ~5 Million downloads so far, many new Apple devices came out. The old design direction, being skeumorphic, although loved by the users, was unable to adapt to the new plethora of screen sizes. iPad version has also been planned after it became clear that a lot of musicians are already using the device.

The solution: The new design direction was influenced by the popular movie Tron. Cleaner, smarter, adaptive, in the cross section classic and futuristic look, with some new elegant features, carrying a resemblance with the previous look and feel. 

The redesign should appear as a new skin and make a smooth transition from the original one in order not to cause discomfort to the core users, which have already prooved they're loving the current design and don't embrace change easily.


My roles
—Design direction
—UI/UX design
—App Store icon design
—Custom icon set




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