XM mobile apps design (iOS, Android) 

I started working on the project for XM's native apps for iOS and Android in 2017. At that time, the company had only two trading platforms - a web platform for desktop and a branded Metatrader 4 for mobile devices. Therefore, the process had to start from scratch.

I knew that in order to provide adequate design and UX solutions, to better understand the mental models of this type of user, I needed to go as deep as possible into online trading. To this end, I read books, took online courses, and also started trading myself.

The size and type of the project suggested the creation of a design system that was not popular among the company teams at the time. So we started using Sketch App and Figma, so that collaboration on an even better level is possible with the development team. However, while working on the design system, it became clear that there are serious contradictions in the visual language and consistency of the company's current products. Also, design and development processes were not optimized for speed and efficiency.

I was also involved in the extensive research process that outlined the goals, the scope, and the direction of the project. We did a lot of research - competitor analyses, user interviews, user personas, UX research, base features set, high-fidelity prototyping, and others. The dedicated team was compact, so we had to use the lean methodology and carefully decide where to focus our efforts.

One of the big challenges I faced was, due to limited design and development resources, a relatively versatile design had to be created for the two main platforms. This would save design and development efforts.

This project had many interesting aspects, which I will cover in the upcoming presentation. To be continued …


My roles
—Design direction
—UI/UX design
—Custom icon set
—User flows




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